About Us


Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Professional Experience  (more than twenty years of proven experience in skin care)

    • 2008-2013, Evocative Med Spa  (Medical Spa) Las Vegas, Nevada                                                      
    • 2003-2008, Coastal Dermatology and Plastic Surgery  Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach and Tustin, California
    • 2000-2002, Belle Skin @ Bloomingnails  (Medical Spa) Irvine, California                                                      
    • 1990-1992, Dr Rafael Vergara  (Plastic Surgeon) Guadalajara, Mexico                                                        
    • 1989-1990, Dr Jorge Razo Rivero  (Dermatologist) Guadalajara, Mexico                                                     
    • 1988-1989, Madeleine Meyer Institute  (School for skin care – Instructor)                                                  
    • 1987-1988, Dr. Giorgio Ferrari  (Dermatologist) Firenze, Italy                                                                     


    • 2003, Clínica Ivo Pitanguy  (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
    • 1998-1999, Fulton Skin Institute  (Newport Beach, California)
    • 1992, Elegante Beauty College  (Laguna Hills, California)
    • 1986-1987, Scuola di Estetica, Edda Maria Reali  (Firenze, Italy)
    • 1985-1986, Madeline Meyer Institute  (Mexico – French Technique)
      (Medical training received at Fulton Skin Institute, Scoula di Estetica and Madeleine Mayer Institute provided by physicians; all diplomas and certifications authored by doctors.)

Licenses/Additional Training/Certificates

    • Esthetician License/s:  State of Nevada (current); State of California (current);
    • Microdermabrasion – Italy and United States (twenty years experience – trained by doctor from Italy who developed this technology);
    • Deep cleansing European facials using micro-lancet technique – no scaring, less swelling;
    • Use of a variety of the latest facial peels;
    • Use of the most advanced dermatological acne treatments;
    • Lymphatic drainage (Clínica Ivo Pitanguy – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) using Ionto Skin Regulator for pre and post-surgical treatments; assists in facial massage to reduce swelling, remove bruises faster and accelerate the healing process.  (This procedure may be performed four days after facial surgery and only requires 10-12 minutes per day for 6-10 days, thus allowing the patient to return to their normal social-life feeling confident in their appearance);
    • Completed esthetician coursework and licensed;
    • Professional training to successfully sell products by demonstrating with credibility;
    • Dermalogica: product and retail sales training; effects of hormone and menopause on skin; galvanic and high frequency treatment – obtained certification for each course;
    • Extensive knowledge of Jan Marini Skin Research products and their dermatological use with certification of completion of continuing education;
    • Extensive knowledge of Avène, Glycolics and Topix Pharmaceuticals products and their dermatological use.

Other Strengths

    • Tri-lingual:  fluent in English, Spanish and Italian;
    • Keen perception; able to recognize and solve problems in arising out of a wide variety of situations;
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: able to gain respect, trust and cooperation with clients of all ages and socioeconomic levels.