Products with High Technology and Competitive Prices

Foamy Cleanser

8 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 10.50

This light foaming cleanser is soap-free, and ideal for all skin types. Contains liposome encapsulated vitamins and has a light lavender scent.


Cleansing Lotion

8 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 8.50

Gel and Shampoo Body Wash

10% Glycolic Acid

8 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 20.00

Our lightly foaming body wash contains glycolic acid to smooth the skin and control blemishes.

Ultra Lite

8 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 19.44

This light lotion contains squalane and dimethicone to keep skin soft and supple. Ideal for large body areas.


1.6 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 26.00

For the dry skin patient who requires a heavier but elegant moisturizer. Contains Vitamins A, C, E, Co-Q10 and Green Tea in an aloe base (pulp of the plant).

Retinol Serum 10X

1 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 77.00

Retinol (Vitamin A) helps to reduce the appearance of lines and surface wrinkles, revitalizes, firms, smooths and enhances skin tone and texture while helping to minimize the visible signs of aging.

Intensive Hand Cream

3 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 12.00

This hydrating cream will not leave the hands greasy while it holds in moisture. Excellent for dry, chapped skin.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser

6.7 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 18.47

Green Tea Foaming

6.7 FL. OZ.

Price: $ 20.00

Ideal for all skin types, this foaming cleanser is soap-free and contains a special antioxidant formula of green tea, citrus extracts, and cucumber.


Price: $ 120.00